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Stop wasting time live how you want !

How long are you going to just sit around and not do the things that are important to you? How can you want things to get done and not take any action to get them done or not putting energy into what you desire? You have to make that move; you have to make a choice that is important to you. Is this what I actually want to do? Will this help me to grow and be helpful in my life?

You have to put YOU first and be true to yourself - you have to follow your heart, not your ego. The ego will tell you where the money is ; but will not fulfill your heart desire; then you end up not doing something that is your true purpose. You don't want to just exist - you want to live, you want to enjoy and have fun with life. Don't just have a regular job - have a lifestyle. Anything you put your mind to; you can achieve and it will prosper. You just have to believe. If you put your mind in a box you will have a boxed lifestyle. If you think little, you will get little! Whatever you put in, will get out! So put abundance into your life..... think BIG..... why not? What's holding you back?

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