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Transitioning into you

When growing into yourself there can be many blockage and challenges along the way the key is to be patient with yourself . You are not supposed to know everything nobody does and that's the experience of life! We are here to learn and evolve into beautiful beings . Don't compare you self and no need to be jealous or envy just be you . Because you are beautiful just being who you already are ! When coming into adulthood it can be challenging making friends, relationships , loving yourself and healing yourself and most importantly connecting with your mind and heart . Learning what resonates with you what path you are being guided to take. Society tries to rush us into thinking we have to have it all figured out this 6 figure business when we graduate

When really your 20s are for you to learn you and build a beautiful foundation for your life don't spend time on worry about anyones opinion about because you're the only one that matters.

Fall in love with yourself fall in love with hearing from yourself trusting only you and GOD listening to your intuitive voice your doing great don't sweat it just relax and anything you need will come your path will be revealed in due time trust the process my loves ♡♡♡

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