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New Year New Me 🥂

Change is always good imbracing the new ! constantly making the changes that are necessary for your life . i’ve been Recently changing my thoughts and my attitude to get things I want & to get the lifestyle i’ve always wanted . Yes this is a very up & down journey nothing is ever perfect and let’s not forget about all the hard work and consistently it takes . I used to things fall from the sky but no ma’am! you actually gotta go get it & put in the hard work and effort . Honestly the only way I actually changed was being tired of the way I was living and not getting things I wanted . You really gotta be the change in your life nobody else will do it ! so taking responsibility is really step one . You know nobody really talk about the real process of change and how hard it really is !

we got the procrastination & lets not forget about the self sabotaging behaviors & the negative mind and negative self talk . See I was one them people always having goals and new plans and yes they would be amazing plans don’t get me wrong but the problem was I would always start working on them then stop and start something new then eventually nothing ever got completed and left me feeling unfulfilled but who fault was that mine because I was self sabotaging myself . everyone has these New year goals and resolutions but truthfully only do them for a week - month straight then back to same old B.S and whole time only person your hurting is you .When you tell your self your going to do something do it ! You will start building trust within yourself you will trust and belive in you more .

So I highly suggest you stop the self sabotaging behaviors for yourself so you have the life you deserve. Nobody said this was going to be easy ! But it’s going to be well worth it , believe in you because you can do it and deserve this ! Eye love you babes thanks for reading today don’t forget your amazing #bethechange #stopprocrastination 🦋🤗✨🥂💛

my favorite podcast currently (click the link 👇🏽)

My fav jazz vibe music (APPLE MUSIC

Jazz Guitar Club


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