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WHO are YOU ?

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Everyone is searching to fill the void in their life and in their heart. The question where did this void really appear from. When you were little I'm sure you felt very whole and wasn't searching for happiness, A simple toy could bring you joy. When we grow older our parents increment in our little heads that we have to live for a purpose in which our job should consist of. I started to question, what is my purpose was. my immediate thoughts were writing, coaching people in the right direction, or inspiring young girls, I honestly had so many ideas about what could my purpose be. I couldn't pick one started to feel lost, mind you I'm only 19 but still my ego wants to have everything figured out here and now, a since of control in" my life ". I came to the conclusion purpose is just living, purpose is you just having simple meaning in your life and enjoying the little things, the clouds the sidewalk, the sounds of the car anything . that's the real purpose. Yes of course we have a passion for things that we enjoy doing . The real purpose of life doesn't define you. you define you so who are you?

I highly recommend the movie "SOUL" !!

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