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Survival Guide To a Woman

You really don’t know where you will be in a few months, days , or years . We start to plan and get attached to ideas for our life’s and most of the time it goes in a completely different direction. Stepping on you’r own is beautiful thing. When I say on your own not only physically but mentally emotionally and spiritually.

When you can rely on your self for support ,guidance and everything you really need to be and feel the best version of you . Everyday I’m inviting you to seek daily devotion for yourself. To maintain healthy balance within you :) . A daily motivation and devotion helps you to get you up and start the day and which makes a positive difference in your day . Be patient with yourself if it has not come yet you are not ready !!

Nobody actually knows what it really takes to be you . The cries , the doing things when you tired because they have to get done. The hardships you had to experience to gain knowledge and wisdom . Nobody really seems to really know and understand that . Let the mystery of your life speak for it’s self enjoy the mystery of you’r journey of life .

Relax your mind with knowing everything working out for you and with you and you will began to trust more ! Life is a dance not a race we are always rushing to get to the next stage of own life instead of enjoying the beauty of it all the process actually enjoying the process that pure peace and beauty! Keep going and stay focus even when you see no results God put it in your heart for a reason. Nobody said the road getting there would be easy :)


  1. I AM




(Lisa Nicholas also has an amazing story check her out !)

See you guys next time love you all thank you for supporting me 🤭!!

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