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Self Care

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

What is self- care? self-care is a variety of things there are so many ways to take care of yourself but first, you must take care of the mind and the heart. Self-care starts within how can you want results on the outside but all scrabbled up inside. the key to self-care starts with love.

once you love you and accept yourself that’s how you start now let’s get more into what is self-love. self-love is loving every little detail about yourself and not comparing your self to another because you have your own unique qualities. Once you realize that there will be no need for comparison. when you start to value yourself, you will attract people that value you as much as you cherish yourself. Feel good about you because you are beautiful inside in out. now let’s get more into the body, well if you want your body to look nice you have to treat it nice what are you putting in your body harsh foods? are you giving your body love? whatever you put in the body is how it will react put love into the body put good pure foods into the body give the body love, lastly enjoy your self that’s the most important part of self-care find things you enjoy doing and do they make time for you to be happy even if it’s just dancing in your room, art cooking does what you makes you happy unlock that Goddess energy!🦋

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