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Self love is more then outside beauty let’s talk about it . Nourishing your mind your body and soul figuring out who you really are . What brings you joy . What excites you ! What motivates you . What inspires you to be better and to better. You’r lifestyle dictates a lot for your future, your mind , your over all health the way you live your life says so much about you . Here on this blog I will share my new tips that I’m doing to improve my life in the most simple ways and showing you how you can improve by simple changes as well .

Changing my diet has extremely helped me realizing how much food has an effect on my spirit how much food has an effect on my productivity and on how I feel every day . the amount of energy I have to give and to do things in my daily life . Food is really a big part in my life ! Also help clear my skin. The benefits are amazing and real ! This small change has helped free my mind because a lot of the food that we are eating is creating brain fog and depression , anxiety . Change your diet you change your life !

Tips to changing your diet Here is one of my fav recipes

  1. Figured out WHY you want to change your diet.

  2. what do you want to change in your diet

  3. How do you want to feel after eating ?

  4. Make a goal for you eating !

  5. What things will you cut out in your meals

  6. Please don’t sabotage yourself!

  7. How can I be better ?

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