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My journey 🦋🪴

I usually don’t get personal on social media but thought I share a little of my journey and how greatful eye am 🦋 , I didn’t just wake up In my dream life i always used to day dream in my room with my headphones blasting music and mentally go to my dream life I literally always had a vision of my dream life , my best version of myself but never really experienced it until now . The reason was I still was in battle with myself I had a lot of emotional trama pain to work through and let go it was not easy it was painful actually , A lot of crying and going through things that made me learn real quick!! I’m in the process of breaking generation curses crazy my mom used to say this to me all the time now I’m actually seeing threw them and reversing them it’s time lol ! I share all this with you you too tell you abundance is your birthright you came here to earth to live the best experience you can in the period of time ! Change your thoughts afirm and claim the life you want because you deserve it !! Eye love you !!!

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