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Just Breathe 🌬

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Hey, let me just say you need to start being more kind and loving to yourself why? because once you do it you will feel much better. For a long time, my inner voice was so rude to me I guess because I was hard on myself at times about everything, success love life, my health, eating habits, etc . all that can get jumbled together in my little head. so today I’m sharing the top tips that help me.

1. Writing 🦋

so I started writing things down that I wanted to accomplish and writing the systems how to get there not just the goal <3

2. Self-love, affirmations ♡

practicing self-love is so essential and beneficial to the soul because if you are not good within how can you be good on the outside. You can simply practice it by changing your mindset towards things (ex.) you told yourself I'm not going to eat meat for the week, and as the week approached You didn’t stop eating meat as you said, so the voice in your head tells you “ I'm worthless, cant never do anything right. instead, let’s try saying I’m trying to do better day by day. You simply making that quick switch with the mind, can change your life.

List of my favorite affirmations

1. I am proud of who I am

2. I am beautiful inside and out

3. I am kind

4. I am grateful for the gifts in my life

5. I am enough

6. I am stronger because of my struggles

How To Balance It All?

breathing, breathe work has really helped me in my journey just to be more grounded and present as a whole in my daily life. Being the present is so important because naturally, our minds tend to wonder about the past present, and let's not forget the future. keeping your mind in the present is hard because of the wonders of the mind but that's where breathwork comes into play so is it just simple as breathing so just take deep breaths daily whenever overwhelmed or whenever needed.

Letting go of fear.

Facing your fears isn't easy so let's just be honest. even I am afraid at times to really speak my mind on topics that tend to be unpopular, I would have a whole folder of topics and not posting anything because I would let my fear run me instead of my heart. my second step and the let go of fear and FACING IT. not something we would typically like doing but it would be the best for our highest good,

let it go of anything that's holding you back and step out of your comfort zone. hope this helps thank you for reading my loves.

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1 Comment

Stephanie Reid
Stephanie Reid
Dec 09, 2020

You are growing up. I'm very proud of you. Keep up the positive attitude!

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