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Healing Trip 🪴🧡

So my mom took and me and her to San Juan Puerto Rico for my 21th birthday.

The intention for this trip with my mom was for healing . Healing both our hearts and soul connecting with one another. Expressing each other reminding who of us we are . Re Loving re molding . Building a beautiful foundation for our relationship. Finnally seeing my mom as the loving being she is . Looking at my mom through the eyes of compassion and love . Realizing my mom went through a lot of trama her self she gave us the best she had in that moment. Giving her grace forgiveness love and understanding universal love unconditional love genuine love. We cried so much and released , the tension in her neck faded away just by speaking . The intention of this blog is to embrace healing of others and heal remember healing take time with all that said be love you are love take care I love you all 🦋🦋🦋 healing is possible

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1 Comment

Jul 13, 2022

That is God, healing and Love, forgiveness is so powerful!

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