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Heal Yourself

Did you know you can heal yourself, heal yourself through the mind with love . Real life love living in love living with the eyes of love .When you welcome in true healing allow it flow through you and fill you all the way up you are divine . Open your heart to heal with love . Let go of the baggage the old emotions the fear the un forgiveness, forgiveness is just acceptance. Many of the dis-ease in the body is just emotions blocking the energy flow so it causes blockages in the body which creates” dis -ease “ . Forgiveness is key let go of the bags so you can be free ! speak with love and life into ,your life create your life with love . You are so prosperous and worthy . It’s time to let the bags go it will be lighter . Heal your mind ,heal your heart , heal your body with love . Love cures all . Live in love

L - living

O- on

V- valued

E- energy

Calm the mind with breath , breathe out the tension breathe in love tune into the body and the mind try not to live in the mind you are more then the mind the mind will slow you down by overthinking , over analyzing, less thinking more flow more breathing

You can cure anything ! Think positive believe take care of your body and mind with love

No need to kill the ego give it love and understanding thank it for being and helping your survive here on earth greet everything with love

When feeling sad go into nature speak to the trees and water take your shoes off really connect with nature it heals us we are connected to nature

You are prosperous you are love thank you for reading love you guys peace and love ✨💗💗💛💛

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