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Change Your Mind

What does being free mean to you ? If I had a choice to be free It would simply be freeing my mind . To be free in the mind is such an important thing your mind is your life. It creates your reality whatever stories it has been told,  whatever you allow in it. This is what your perception of life will be so, so change that perception of life to something beautiful remember this is your life.  sit back and really ask yourself is life controlling you or are you in control over your life don’t let life live for you. Live your life with intention. don’t just be a passenger be the driver of your life.  

If you want to see change make it happen you have all the power to succeed and live how you want …  just change your mind to change your life. 

Some ways to change your life 

  1.  Be the observer of your thoughts  (don’t judge them just watch them )

  2. See a miracle in every situation 

  3. Make healthy changes in your life 

  4. Eat better 

  5. Fall in love with your self 

  6. Get outside into nature 

  7. Breathe work 

  8. Set your intention for the day ex. ( i set my intention for today to be a productive day )

Now these are just some of the things that help me in my life along my journey and I hope they will help you see you next time my loves 

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