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Being At Peace With Letting Go

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

People , places , and things come into your life for a reason and season and sometime a lifetime but everything has a purpose and message for you . A lesson is truely a big blessing and a beautiful experience . Life is truly about experiences and love . Letting go is beautiful can be painful but all the pain to can be transmuted into a flow of love it's important to continue to be open to receive more love that is better fit for you . The more you let go the more room you have for blessings and new opportunities . When the purpose of had been fulfilled you will know many of us are in this cycle because of comfort the unknown it's scary but its beautiful embrace it . Once you realize the purpose is fulfilled.. it will be your choice to be still in something that is over . Or let go and be open to receive the new blessings. Be open to the new ... free your self of the burdens. People places and things .. you know when it's time and trust it ! How long you gonna wait set you free . The world is waiting for you .. you are standing in your way ..

focus on only what you can control my love.

Peace love and light guys 🌙. Thank you for reading all love

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