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Be Gentle With You

Life is about choices , whether good or bad deal with the decision you made .It’s always going be a blessing or just a lesson to be learned . Being patient & compassionate with your self at times because you are learning. Life is a dance your body is the instrument. So learn to dance with life be gentle and kind always . Remember your inner child needs to hear from you with words of love . Positive self talk is important yourself is always listening. Be the joy you seek , be love you seek. Be the savior you need yourself is waiting for you . Accept you in this current moment you are so lovable.


  1. Move your body whether it’s stretching / yoga just a little something to get the blood flowing.

  2. Be hydrated Drink water / coconut water is my fav !

  3. Affirmations speak over your self when you are getting frantic, stressed or worried find a way to calm the mind in the most heated moments.

  4. Smileeee

  1. thank you guys for reading and connecting with me today . Don’t forget to subscribe to get a notification when I post new weekly messages see you soon ✨🦋

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