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Be free 🦋

This Week I have experience some strong Resistance , Now this happens in all of our lives we don’t like it. It really flips the world upside down and shows us that we are stronger than we think, even when the pain feels unbearable Honestly feels like we will not ever get through this but we will it’s gonna hurt lol let the hurt flow through you and release it ! You are going to have a lot of cries a lot of tears you will get threw it through ! In currently learning how to be 100% authentic to me not seeking approval from others not seeking validation from others not conforming to others boxes being 100% me loving all parts of me and showing up for all of me respecting my myself . The more I respect myself the more others will respect me ! standing up for myself in a respectful way because I deserve to be respected is sharing things that I’m currently learning that will be helpful to you guys eye love you all in case No one has told you today you are worthy and so special and important in this world 🌸

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