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Accept & Release Heal

When the heart gets broken or hurt, the mind and heart tend to lock up to protect itself from anything happening to it again. The heart doesn’t open back up until we allow it to. You have to be ready to realize exactly what the pain is and where it stems from. Allow all the pain to be released by accepting to live with it. This is not as easy as it sounds; who said this was an easy thing do? But if you want to experience genuine happiness and freedom, you will make it a priority for all to be released. This is actually very challenging because your battling with yourself. This is a part of growing and healing. This process takes time, patience, and hope. Realizing is step one - what is causing me to lock up and not be able to feel freedom and genuine happiness? Take this time to free yourself of all the pain and heartache. The healing process is like a cut that starts to heal, then opens back up just to see if you're really ready for it to be fully healed. You have the power to heal yourself; but are you ready to? Make the decision to accept, release, and heal. Let the light shine through you ♡.

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