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A day in my life looks like .. getting up stretching moving my body , deep breathing to calm and allow my mind to be prepared for the day . I meditate and say my mantras example “ I am love , I am light , also setting my intentions for the day if you don’t know what intentions are , it’s basically you setting the tone how you want your day to look like , feel like , or even the things you want to accomplish in the day very very important for success

( he he :) next is hydration having a amazing relationship with your body is key don’t forget your body does so much for you and is the vehicle of your soul so take good care of it love on it , speak over it . Movement is very important in the rising and breathing allow brain and body to get ready to be in full motion for the day !

eating yummm my fav part ya girl loves some good food. Try eating only fruits in the am or oatmeal just something soft not too sweet or salty just soft . Next part of my day I just check my schedule see whatever I need to do for my day and get those things done in a timely manner . The biggest part of my day is doing things I love to do and keeping my vibration high . Remember your happiness Improves when you start doing things you love everyday I encourage you to make a list of things you love to do everyday rate 1-10 try to do the 10s everyday or as much as you can don’t make this complicated it can Be as simple as watching the sunset , cooking cleaning, reading spending time with love ones. It’s the little things that matter that actually add value to our life. Not just the material things . My intentions with this blog post is to inspire you to enjoy doing the little things set your self up for success and happiness, gratitude is everything.

Eye love y’all peace , love and light

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