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Love is Love

Love is acceptance ,love is pure, love is light , love is golden , love is unique. Love is sweet never new a love like this I can write it in a poem or sing song .

Just to be in love,

just to be here with you

near you

smell you ,

love is light

I can tell what it is and what its not there is so much in the message if you open your heart to listen . Love is a feeling it’s a inner-standing from within .

Love is peace , love is harmony make my heart sing . Be peace, Be joy.

Sacred kinda love one love

all love

the vibration of love and what it holds

The unique divine queen you are

so sensual so wonderful

so deep ,

nourishment to mind and true to my soul make my soul sing

true love welcomes into my heart and soul that I allow to be ,

to be free

to be me

to love

Love is a song maybe even a dance

prosperity on the horizon it’s a beautiful time for love appreciating every moment. Bliss harmony living in love is true harmony and inner standing from within your soul connect deeply to the song of love , true true love true peace true essence of love .

Thank you

thank you thank ,

thank for love

thank for joy

true appreciate for the moment of love for the moment of divine love pure love from within inside of you . The special being that you are love is blind well it can be if you don’t see it in yourself .

Peace and blessing loves

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