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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Fuck your standards, fuck your social norms and fuck your opinion . For a long while I was in a box lost not know who I was or what I truly enjoyed . questioning myself like who the fuck am I, why can’t our parents, friends society love us for us just the way we are with flaws and all . the lostness and being found why can’t we just be accepted just the way we are? . I define myself, not what i have or what i've accomplished . Not how expensive my car is or my purse is . I define me, as just being me I deserve to be loved just simply being me. So don't try to change me let me be free by just being me . expressing all parts of me , so fuck the standards! Start living for yourself not others. step into the unknown and trust the process

. love you guys see you next time 💗 #BEYOU #poetry #mythoughts

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